Your Real Estate Video Creation Guide

Here are the best video types you can create regularly as a way to expand your audience, stay top of mind, establish yourself as a thought leader and build the quality of your brand. While you can use any editing software to create these videos, we designed RealtyFeature so you can craft all of these video types at a high level quickly and with ease.

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**We are in process of creating examples of these video types with RealtyFeature. In the meantime, the descriptions below can help you get the concept for each type**

Remote Showing

   What:  Create a video walkthrough of a home for sale that may be a good fit for your clients. This is great for remote buyers or ones who are too busy to fit timely showings into their schedules. 

   Why:  This can allow you to help your clients look at more homes than they would be able to otherwise due to location and/or schedule conflicts. It also allows you to show properties on your timing :).

   Tips:  Split the video up into individual recordings of the different portions of the home (ie exterior, master suite, kitchen etc.). This makes the editing process easier generally and within RealtyFeature it makes sequencing the clips and adding animations that much simpler. Make sure to check with the listing agent prior to sharing the video with your client to make sure the sellers are okay with you doing so.


   What:  Present a short breakdown of any topic that may help potential buyers or sellers feel more equipped an/or confident. 

   Why:  First and foremost, these videos can provide real help. Secondly, they establish you as an expert.

   Tips:  Some potential topics include things to avoid, impact of mortgage rates, all or part of the buying/selling process, why working with an agent is worth it...

New Listing

   What:  Show off your new listing with a video walkthrough of the interior and/or exterior.

   Why:  Photos are essential, but having a video on MLS and social generates more interest and excitement. It also conveys to your client that you mean business.

   Tips:  Just like with the Remote Showing video, shoot individual clips of different portions of the home. Capture the space and larger context of the home, but don't forget to include some close-up footage of compelling details of the home, like custom tilework or even a flowering plant. Consider creating mini-walkthroughs on different days or times to show different sides of the home and as a way to keep fresh content showing up on people's feeds.

Personal (Re)Introduction

   What:  Introduce yourself to the world or a specific subset of the market. If it's been a while, re-introduce yourself!

   Why:  Relationships are key. By introducing yourself and sharing your story and passions, you are inviting personal connections. 

   Tips:  Whether you are filming yourself at your desk with your computer or using your phone out somewhere interesting, prepare a bullet-point script and practice it before hand. Bullet-points keep you on point without seeming robotic. Think about your audience and what types of things they would want to know about you, then be authentic. Including just a little vulnerability can go a long way: you could even talk about what you find most challenging about your job or tough lessons you learned the hard way...

Client Testimoninals

   What:  Film your happy clients talking about their quality experience working with you.

   Why:  Social proof is a core selling strategy. You want past clients to convince your prospective clients that you are in fact as great as you say you are.

   Tips: Asking clients to create these videos is the hardest part. Just remember that there's no harm in asking and it in no way suggests you are desperate. In some ways it shows that you are bold. Allow your clients the option of filming themselves and sending you the video. Consider sending them a list of prompts they could consider, like "Our favorite part of working with [name] was..."


   What:  Share a video privately or on social media where you congratulate your clients on either buying or selling their home.

   Why:  As you know, a lot goes into buying and selling a home. Sharing a congratulations video is one way to show your clients that you honor what they have accomplished and that you care about them beyond the closing and transfer of keys.

   Tips:  Consider sharing congratulation videos privately. This could be in the form of an unlisted YouTube link via email. In the email you could ask if they would be fine with you posting it to social media. Sharing privately first can help the video feel more sincere. 

Free Service

   What:  Offer a service for free and explain why it is valuable.

   Why:  Identify a service, like a property valuation, that you would be willing to give away for free. Explain what the service is, how it works and why your prospective clients should care.

   Tips:  Don't give away too much! You're already busy enough, so make sure whatever it is you offer for free is something that helps you gain clients in a meaningful way. Run the ideas by a friend or colleague before making any promises...

Open House

   What:  Promote an open house you are holding for a listing.

   Why:  Getting the word out via video is more effective thn just posting a still image with the date and time.

   Tips:  You could keep the video simple with you filming yourself out in front of the home or in a part of the home that has unigue details or charm. Starting and ending the video with some animated text could help viewers capture the important timing and location details.

Houses Sold

   What:  Showcase the homes you sold over a certain span of time.

   Why:  Buyers and sellers want to work with an agent with demonstrable success. This video acts as a sort of resume. 

   Tips:  The homes you decide to include in your video could be ones you sold over the past year. You could also decide to highlight some of your favorite homes you have ever sold. Another alternative could be to include homes you sold as the listing agent as well as homes you helped buyers with. 

Special Occasions

   What:  Celebrate seasonal holidays and/or community events.

   Why:  Celebrating holidays or special days of the year helps you show your human, fun-loving side. Community events like festivals, fundraisers, etc. can provide an opportunity to showcase the culture of your market and help you further position yourself as a connected and knowledgeable member of the community. 

   Tips:  Filming yourself at the event can be an effective way of bringing your subject to live. Consider capturing multiple short clips, including one of you talking about where you are and what the occassion is, as well as clips of the event itself. Combining these clips in the editing process can be simple and the result will likely be more engaging than just watching you talk at the camera.

Market Updates

   What:  Share information on the state of the market.

   Why:  This is all about showing yourself to be a thought leader and an expert.

   Tips:  Create these videos as soon as new data is released for the prior month. Be the first real estate agent in your market to summarize and share that data with your audience. You can talk about the common metrics of listing price, number of homes listed, number of homes sold, etc. You can also talk about mortgage rates and other trends. Take advantage of the fact that the market is always changing...


   What:  Create a video entirely from still images.

   Why:  Images are an abundant resource, whether they are ones you took yourself or had somebody else capture. Turning them into a video is a way of making the most with what you have.

   Tips:  You can create any of the other video types mentioned in this guide as a slideshow. Consider adding movement to the images. Keep transitions simple.

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